8 treasure fried rice in lotus leave Braised Barramundi with Special House Sauce Braised various mushrooms Four Kind Combination

Steamed Garlic King Prawns with Shell Smoked tea duck served with handmade bun Soft Shell Crab Steamed Abalone with XO Sauce

Yee Sang Salad served with sauce Suckling pig served with handmade bun Stirfried Tofu with Seafood in Lotus Leave Stir fried coral trout fillet with mixed vegetables served with deep fried base

HK Style Salt Pepper Lobster Hokkien Fried Rice Lobster sashimi Pipa Tofu

Roast duck Salty Egg Yolk Prawn with Shell Seafood Birds Nest Sharks fin soup

Stuffed chicken with minced prawns served with crab meat and egg white sauce Steamed Murray Cod Sweet & Sour Coral Trout Deep Fried Quail

Chi Ling Fish Ginger Shallot Lobster Ginger & Shallot Steamed Abolone Hot and Sour Mushroom Chicken Soup

Battered King Prawns w Special House Made Wasabi Sauce & Almond Crunchy Sliced Beef With Sesame Roll Steamed Fresh Local Scallops with XO Sauce Eight Treasure Duck

Four Kind Combination HK Style Salt & Pepper Mud Crab Hong Kong Style Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab XO Steamed Scallops

Live Lobster Meat in Japanese Style served with Soy Sauce & Wasubi Salt & Pepper Squid Tentacle Tai Chi Soup Stir-fried Coral Trout Fillet with Veg. & Special House Sauce

Green Jade Purse Gold & Silver Scallop San Choy Bow Fresh Mango Pudding